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Automatic Fuel Delivery

Automatic Fuel Delivery

Continuous comfort at no extra cost!

Put your home heating needs on autopilot!

Thanks to McDougall Energy’s FREE Automatic Fuel Delivery program, you don’t have to remember to call us to order more fuel when your heating oil or propane tank is running low.

How it works

First, we calculate how often we need to refill your fuel tank by taking into account your location, the average daily temperature, the size of your home, and your unique heating requirements. From this, we establish a schedule for when our truck will arrive at your doorstep to replenish your fuel supply, with no action required on your part.

Our automatic delivery service is so reliable that we back it up with our No Run Out Guarantee Program.*

Contact us to learn more about Automatic Fuel Delivery

At any time, you can visit our myAccount Customer Portal to see an estimate of the level of fuel in your tank.




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