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Heating With Oil

The safe and cost-effective home heat solution, delivered right to your door.

Heating oil is an efficient, cost-effective, and safe heating solution for your home.

Plus, with McDougall Energy’s No Run Out Guarantee Program, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you can always count on having a reliable supply of fuel.

Why are more people choosing to heat their homes with oil from McDougall Energy?

It’s safe: Heating oil is non-toxic, non-explosive and biodegradable.

It’s clean: New oil heating systems do not generate any soot, dirt or odour.

It’s efficient: Heating oil delivers more heat per unit than any other heating source, which means warmer air in your home and more comfort for your family.

It’s economical: Today’s high-efficiency oil furnaces are up to 95% efficient at heating your home, saving you money.

Contact us to learn more about the advantages of heating with oil.



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