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Synergy™ Technology

Synergy™ Gasoline

Esso’s Synergy™ gasoline features 7 key ingredients for greater cleaning power and is engineered to help improve overall fuel economy and performance.

Learn more about why more people choose Synergy™ gasoline

Synergy™ Diesel

Synergy™ diesel meets your needs and more.

Synergy™ Diesel offers excellent ignition quality and better fuel economy compared to products meeting the minimum government standards. Plus, Esso’s diesel fuel’s low-temperature fluidity characteristics can make your vehicle more reliable in colder temperatures.

Find out why the most demanding motorists choose Synergy™ Diesel

Quality and convenience, all in one place

McDougall Energy simplifies life on the go by offering the quality products and friendly service you look for while on the road.

Our convenience stores have everything you need from food, snacks, beverages, automotive products, and that one thing you forgot at home.

Plus, you can save by earning and redeeming rewards points while you shop or fuel up.

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