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Save on costs with a fuel service that comes to you


 This video shows how a leading Ontario food distribution company relies on our wheel-to-wheel fueling offer to help keep their business moving forward. Contact your local Territory Manager to learn more about the benefits of Wheel-To-Wheel.

Over 2,000 fleet vehicles choose McDougall Energy’s Wheel-to-Wheel service daily. Here’s why:

Save money

Our convenient on-site fuel delivery program eliminates unnecessary fuel costs and downtime. How much can you save? Use our online Savings Estimate Calculator below to find out.

Convenience Take advantage of your off-hours by choosing your delivery schedule. Anytime, anywhere.  We are available 24/7.
Manageable We provide you with the tools to track, manage, and report on fuel consumption. Plus, receive customized reports and detailed data to perform cost analysis, vehicle scheduling and more. You get 24/7 access to our industry-leading web portal to assess and manage your fleet at your convenience.


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The hidden costs of fuelling up can add up for your business. With our easy to use fuel cost calculator, you can uncover the potential costs associated with vehicle and driver downtime, driver wages and benefits, vehicle operations, and more when fueling up.

Do you know the real cost of having your driver fueling up while on the road? If not, use our tool below to calculate your ACTUAL total cost per litre. You may be surprised at what you learn! If you are interested in potentially lowering your cost per litre, then it is time to consider Wheel-to-Wheel delivery from McDougall Energy!

McDougall Energy’s Wheel-to-Wheel offering is an on-site delivery service that can cut costs, save time, and keep your business running 24/7 – with no downtime because of re-fuelling.

Through our network of locally based Territory Managers, we serve businesses throughout Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, the Niagara Peninsula, and Northern Ontario. Explore our Regions.

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Driver Only
Wage and Benefits
Truck (If applicable)
Lost Time and Hourly Value
Time Lost Fueling (Down Time)
Off Route and Paperwork Time Included
Average Fill Up

Total Cost of Down Time Fueling
000.00 ¢ per L
Today's Price With Your Present Supplier
Cardlock or Retail
¢ per L
Your Current Price Without On-Site Fuel Delivery
With Company Driver Labour Cost Factored In.
0,000.00$ per L

for Delivery



*Wheel-to-Wheel delivery only available in select areas. Contact your Territory Manager to see if your area qualifies.



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