Wheel-To-Wheel Fuelling

Wheel-To-Wheel Fuelling

Keeping your long-haul fleet on the road longer

Let McDougall Energy come and fuel your parked trucks; just tell us when and where, and we’ll be there.


It costs your business time and money to pull your transport trucks off the road for refuelling. Instead, let McDougall Energy refuel your trucks when they’re already parked! Our fuel trucks drive right up to your vehicles and fill their tanks – wherever they are, day or night – whatever fits your schedule. Every day, we supply over 2,000 fleet vehicles with trusted EssoTM fuels, and we want to do the same for you!


Our Fuel Cost Calculator shows how much you’re currently paying to fuel your fleet

Do you know the true cost associated with taking your trucks off the road to refuel? This easy-to-use online calculator helps you identify the various hidden costs, including driver and vehicle downtime, plus driver wages and benefits, then produces an approximate cost-per-litre of conventional truck fuelling. If you’re interested in lowering that cost, consider using McDougall Energy’s Wheel-to-Wheel fuelling offer!



Driver Only
Wage and Benefits
Truck (If applicable)
Lost Time and Hourly Value
Time Lost Fueling (Down Time)
Off Route and Paperwork Time Included
Average Fill Up

Total Cost of Down Time Fueling
000.00 ¢ per L
Today's Price With Your Present Supplier
Cardlock or Retail
¢ per L
Your Current Price Without On-Site Fuel Delivery
With Company Driver Labour Cost Factored In.
0,000.00$ per L

for Delivery


Customer portal – Our myAccount online customer portal helps you manage and optimize your fuel investment by giving you 24/7 access to all your fuel delivery data. You can even see right down to the level of individual vehicles, as well as full pricing and invoicing information.

Through our network of locally based Territory Managers, we serve businesses throughout Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener–Waterloo, the Niagara Peninsula, Greater Kingston, and Northern Ontario. Explore our Regions and find your Territory Manager.

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*Wheel-to-Wheel delivery is only available in select areas. Contact your Territory Manager to see if your area qualifies. 

Esso is a trademark of Imperial Oil Limited. Imperial Oil, licensee.



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