Specialty Fluids

Specialty Fluids

It takes more than fuel and lubricants to keep your equipment running

Trust McDougall Energy to supply the various fluids that are essential in operating your fleet.

Bulk DEF, antifreeze and washer fluid are crucial in keeping your trucks and other equipment safely on the move. Count on McDougall Energy to supply and deliver these essential specialty fluids.

What is DEF? Diesel exhaust fluid is a blue-coloured liquid that is injected into the exhaust system of diesel engines to lower their toxic nitrogen oxide emissions. Typically, the cap on a diesel vehicle’s bulk DEF tank is light blue.

When you require specialty fluids, our trucks will drive into your yard and fill your tanks, enabling you top-up your vehicle fluids as needed. If you require specialty fluid tanks, McDougall Energy can help with that too!   

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Through our network of locally based Territory Managers, we serve businesses throughout Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener–Waterloo, the Niagara Peninsula, Greater Kingston, and Northern Ontario. Explore our Regions and find your Territory Manager.

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