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Our myAccount online customer portal is the most convenient way to manage your business transactions.

The myAccount online customer portal from McDougall Energy is a powerful and secure business tool that helps you understand and optimize your spending on fuels, lubricants and specialty fluids. By capturing every detail about your product usage and making this data easy to access and analyze, myAccount helps you spot trends, identify improvement opportunities and ultimately, improve profitability.

Watch this video to see how Flanagan Foodservice depends on myAccount to help them operate more efficiently and save money.

Discover the portal’s many benefits:

Comprehensive delivery information: All the details you need about every fuel, lubricant or specialty fluid delivery are loaded onto the myAccount portal – many in real-time – which you can cross-reference with proof-of-delivery slips. For added convenience, you can see the location of each delivery as a pinpoint on a live Google map while gaining an overview of key fuel-usage metrics on the home page dashboard. With just a few clicks, you can sort your delivery data by various criteria: order number, delivery number, invoice number and date – even down to the level of the individual vehicle or tank filled. Then, it’s easy to generate reports as PDF files or export the data as .csv files which you can easily review and manipulate in Excel.

Speedy access to invoices: In seconds, myAccount enables you to search invoicing data by invoice number, delivery location, date and product type, then export this information as a .csv file for easy analysis in an Excel spreadsheet. Statements are posted to the portal in real-time, and both statements and invoices are easy to print for your records.

Account status at a glance: myAccount’s home page clearly displays your McDougall Energy account balance, together with your previous payment, new charges, and the due date of your next payment.

Versatile portal access: Recognizing that different members of your team require different types of information, myAccount is preconfigured with a range of access types. It’s very easy to assign or adjust these permissions, and run security reports confirming current user access levels. As your staffing changes, you can add or remove portal users in mere seconds.

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