Fuelling your success

If you’re in the business of hauling freight, McDougall Energy can provide everything you need to keep on truckin’.

Operating a successful trucking business is hard work. That’s why it pays to rely on McDougall Energy for the fuels and lubricants you need to keep your rigs where they belong – out on the road, earning you money.


The VP of a prominent Ontario foodservice distributor explains how he relies on McDougall Energy to look after his company’s fuel needs so he can focus on serving his customers.


Here’s how McDougall Energy can keep your transportation business on the go:

Wheel-to-Wheel Fuelling – Why pull your trucks off the road to refuel when we can drive our trucks right up and fill their tanks –  wherever they’re parked?

Cardlock Fuelling – McDougall Energy can give you access to the Esso Commercial CardlockTM network, with locations on the frequently travelled routes in Ontario – and right across Canada.

Bulk Fuel Deliveries – Learn how Esso Diesel EfficientTM fuel from McDougall Energy – delivered right to your yard – can boost your fleet’s fuel efficiency and maximize engine performance. The video below shows the many benefits that a central B.C. trucking company derived from using this innovative fuel.


Tank Monitoring – When you sign up for this simple service, you’ll never have to worry about your fuel tank running dry when you need it most.

Tank and Fuel Pump Rentals – Instead of dealing with the headaches of sourcing and purchasing the equipment you need to operate your own fuelling facility, let McDougall Energy supply it for you!

Lubricants & Greases – To keep your expensive engines running smoothly, you need the right lubricants – and the legendary line of MobilTM lubricant products are the right choice. Look to McDougall Energy to supply all the lubricants you need, whether in bulk or packaged form.

Specialty Fluids – It takes more than fuel and lubes to keep your rigs on the road. Leave it to McDougall Energy to supply and deliver all bulk DEF, washer fluid and antifreeze your fleet requires.

Customer Portal – Our myAccount customer portal helps you manage and optimize your fuel investment by enabling you to access your delivery, pricing and invoicing information anytime, anyplace; right at your fingertips. Sign in.

Fleet cards – McDougall Energy can issue your business Esso Key to the HighwayTM cards that enable your drivers to fill up at Esso Cardlock sites around Ontario and across Canada, while helping you reduce your fuel costs and giving you control over transactions.

Through our network of local Territory Managers, McDougall Energy serves trucking businesses throughout Ontario, including the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener–Waterloo, the Niagara Peninsula, Greater Kingston, and Northern Ontario. Explore our Regions and find your Territory Manager.

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Esso is a trademark of Imperial Oil Limited. Imperial Oil, licensee. Esso Diesel Efficient is a trademark of the Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. Imperial Oil, licensee.


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