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A Division of McDougall

A Division of McDougall Energy Inc.

McDougall Energy Inc has been providing fuel and serving Ontario and Western Canada since 1949. Along the way, we've acquired many family-owned businesses like ourselves to better serve the needs of our customers all across Ontario and in Western Canada.


Dowler-Karn Limited joined the McDougall Energy Group of Companies in February of 2022. As a Division of McDougall Energy, Dowler-Karn is an industry leader, distributing energy products such as Propane, Esso™ Fuels and Mobil™ Lubricants to many communities within Southwestern Ontario. The Dowler-Karn service network includes eight branch offices, and nine fuel centres, serving more than 18,000 residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial customers in communities across Southwestern Ontario.   

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Dodsley Propane

Dodsley Fuels Ltd (Dodsley Propane) joined the McDougall Energy Group of Companies in fall of 2021. As a Division of McDougall Energy, Dodsley Propane is a well-established propane distributor and supplier in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Established in 1954, Dodsley Propane is a family-owned and operated business that is well known in the community for providing reliable and safe propane products, services and deliveries to residential customers, commercial businesses and agricultural clients in Oxford County and surrounding areas.  

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Edward Fuels

Edward Fuels is a Division of McDougall Energy and distributes a wide range of petroleum products and related goods and services throughout Southern Ontario, including propane, fuel, lubricants and home comfort systems. Edward Fuels services agriculture and farm clients, commercial businesses, operates numerous Cardlock locations, an HVAC division, and an Aviation division that is one of the largest providers of Avgas and Jet Fuel in Southern and Northeastern Ontario. In almost all market segments, the customer base ranges from single individuals to large corporations and government agencies.

As a multi-channel distributor and marketer of Shell™ branded products, the largest segment of volume in the main company is sourced by Shell Commercial Fuels (C.F.).  A contract with Shell’s Global Branded Wholesale (GBW) Division is in place to enable Edward Fuels to offer the Shell brand to third party Retail sites. 

Clayton Edward founded the Edward Coal Company in 1945 and became a branded Shell fuel distributor in 1952. Don Edward joined his father in the business and bought the company in 1973, and in 1975 it was incorporated as Edward Fuel Limited (“Edward Fuels”).

McDougall Energy purchased Edward Fuels group of companies in June 2020, which also includes Manitoulin Fuels, Manitoulin Island and the North Shore’s largest fuel supplier, and Petroline Petroleums, a retail and commercial fuels wholesaler in Southwestern Ontario.  

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Davis Fuels

Davis Fuels joined the McDougall Energy Group of Companies in 2017. As a Division of McDougall Energy, Davis Fuels provides comprehensive fuel supply, delivery, distribution and dispensing solutions for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential customers in Brantford, Brant County, Simcoe, Hagersville, Tillsonburg, Woodstock and London areas. Davis Fuels also provides oil/propane heating and cooling systems, lubricants and propane. In addition, Davis Fuels owns and operates a number of cardlock and retail stations. 

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